About Locaccino

A User-Controllable Location-Sharing Tool

There are many services that let you share your location, but a recurring user complaint has been a lack of control over the conditions under which they share their location. Locaccino is the product of research at Carnegie Mellon University on user controllable interface technologies for security and privacy.

With Locaccino, our objective is to give users an adequate level of control over their own privacy preferences. This includes better understanding people’s varied and complex location-sharing preferences, how they evolve, and what it takes to adequately capture them.

Locaccino has been developed by the Carnegie Mellon’s Mobile Commerce Laboratory in collaboration with CUPS as part of the university’s
User-Controllable Security and Privacy project.

This work is supported by NSF Cyber Trust grant CNS-0627513 and ARO research grant DAAD19-02-1-0389 to Carnegie Mellon University‚Äôs CyLab. Additional support has been provided by Microsoft through the Carnegie Mellon Center for Computational Thinking, by FCT through the CMU/Portugal Information and Communication Technologies Institute, and by FranceTelecom, Nortel, and Nokia. Locaccino’s WiFi-based location tracking functionality runs on top of technology developed by Skyhook Wireless.