Frequently Asked Questions.

This section covers a number of general and privacy-related questions that we hope will assist you in your Locaccino experience. If you think there is a question we are missing email us and let us know.
  1. Setup Locaccino
  2. My status is offline
  3. General Questions
  4. Privacy Questions
  5. Removing Locaccino

Setup Locaccino

Do I need a Facebook Account?
Yes. To use Locaccino at this time you must have a valid Facebook account.

Why do I have to have a Facebook Account?
We use Facebook Connect to do authentication on the Web application.

I forgot my username or password for the mobile client
Go the Facebook application, click “Mobile Locator”, and update your username and password to anything you want.

Which mobile platforms do you support?
We currently support iPhone (search for ‘Locaccino’ on the App Store) and Android (search for ‘Locaccino’ in Google Play).

My status is offline

My status if offline
It seems that Locaccino cannot locate you. Please check that:

  • You have a locator installed. If you do not, then search for and install our app on your mobile device.
  • Did you just install the locator? If so, wait for couple of minutes. Sometimes it takes up to five minutes until locations are processed by Locaccino.
  • Is your locator working? Make sure it’s on.
  • See answers for specific types of locations below.

It’s still not working. What else can I do?

  • Make sure GPS is on.
  • Make sure WiFi is on.
  • Try to quit and restart the app.

General Questions

I just added a friend in Facebook, but I cannot add her to a Locaccino friend list. Why?
Due to a technical difficulty, Locaccino loads the list of your friends when Locaccino gets loaded. A simple way to work around this problem is to logout of Facebook and then login again.

I am able to see my friends’ locations, but I want them to see me. What can I do?
You need to add rules that specify your preferences. In order to preserve your privacy, Locaccino does not reveal your location unless you specifically create a rule that defines who can see your locations, when and where. Manage your privacy settings now.

Why was my friend not able to see my location when my rules should have allowed it?
Locaccino defaults to protecting your privacy. Therefore, we only share your location when your rules say it is OK based on your last location update. If your last location update was before the time when your rule said we could share your location, your location will not be shared. Since location information is usually updated every 5 minutes, there may be a few minutes when your rules allow location sharing, but your location will not be shared.

Privacy Questions

What data are you collecting about me?
Locaccino serves a dual purpose. It is built to allow users to selectively share their location with others subject to richer location sharing rules than other applications. At the same time, it also helps us with ongoing research to better understand people’s privacy preferences and to develop and refine technology that empowers users to more effectively specify these preferences.

To this end, Locaccino keeps a record of your interactions with the system. This includes requests you submit for the location of others, changes you make over time to your location-sharing rules, how often you login and use the system, as well as auditing information you provide through the “who’s viewed me” screen. For a more complete and detailed description of how we handle your data, please check our privacy policy or email us your questions at

How do I temporary stop sharing my location?
If you want to override your location sharing rules, you can use the “Make Me Invisible” option available through the menu of the Locaccino locator client you downloaded on your mobile device (the “L” logo displayed at the bottom of your screen). Later, when you want to re-activate your rules, simply check the “Make me visible” option in the same menu and your location-sharing rules will start processing incoming requests for your location again.

In general, we assume that users will specify rules that capture their daily routine and/or the most common conditions under which they feel comfortable sharing their locations with other – feel free to use the system differently, if you would like.

The “Make me invisible” option allows users to override these rules and become “invisible” with a single click. Of course, if your rules have simply changed or will be different for a significant period of time, you might consider editing them.

How do I turn it off?
To turn off the Locaccino locator, simply select “Sign Out” or “Quit” from the menu. Select “Make Me Invisible” if you just want to hide your location for a while.

Is my location disclosed only when I am visiting Facebook?
No. As long as your Locaccino locator client is turned on (and you have not selected the “Invisible” option described above), your location will be shared with others according to the location sharing rules you have specified.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
For more information, e-mail our team at

Removing Locaccino

How can I remove Locaccino from my Facebook application list?
Go to your Facebook homepage, click on “Account” (top right corner), and then on “Edit Applications.” Click on the “X” icon near Locaccino.